In Conversation with Marloe Morgan

Inspired by the intricacies and inconsistencies of nature, Marloe Marloe is a luxury ceramic and design studio creating timeless works that transcend trends and journey with their owners throughout a lifetime. The works are designed to enhance and elevate the rituals we perform in our everyday lives. Marloe Marloe seeks to connect people and space through objects with intention. 



Can you tell us the story behind Marloe Marloe and how you began creating elegant artisanal creations for the home? 

Prior to Marloe Marloe, I was working as a stylist and photography coordinator and was lacking creative fulfilment. In late 2012, this deep desire to create and experiment saw the beginnings of my experimentation with clay at my local potter’s association. It was love at first touch and after completing my first ceramics course, I enrolled in a second and began to build a body of work. 

From a small studio setup in my garage, I introduced Marloe Marloe (originally Marloe Morgan Ceramics) at a market and the interest in my work began to flourish. Fast forward 8 years and Marloe Marloe has evolved into a luxury design studio servicing commercial, trade, wholesale and our online store. 

What does your creative process look like from concept to finished product? 

Each Marloe Marloe piece is inspired by the intricacies and inconsistencies of our surroundings and this principle remains a key pillar of the brand. 

"My creative process does not have a beginning nor an end, I am always thinking creatively and seeking inspiration from elements I am exposed to daily through travel, solitude, architecture, history and nature."

As inspiration is formed into potential concepts for upcoming collections, I output this vision through moodboards, colour play and finally shapes. It’s from here that the creative direction develops enough to share with our artisan’s and create our first run of samples. Through refinement of form shape, texture and glaze, each form is consciously crafted for delivery to our customers or clients. 

How would you describe your personal style, and how is this reflected within your pieces ? 

I would say my style is refined yet relaxed with a playful edge. I love to wear pants so I am eagerly awaiting the colder months so that I can slip into jeans or tailored pants. I also love a relaxed button down shirt paired with a linen trouser. I must say I am loving my Beije white shirt! The cuff detail is so effortless and elevated and makes me feel put together and ready for anything the day might throw at me. 

Marloe wears the linen lounge shirt, linen lounge pant and organic cotton rib knit bra in white.

BEIJE is born from the desire to create luxury wardrobe essentials; to be worn for now, and forever. What is your personal journey into conscious consumerism? 

I have always desired to create handcrafted pieces that are highly functional and steeped in intentional consideration. This desire and research has also helped to inform my personal journey into conscious consumerism. 

As my first choice I will always try to thrift or shop preloved if there is an item I am missing in my wardrobe prior to buying new. I look for quality fabrics that are light on the environment to produce where possible. I know that denim is not the most environmentally friendly choice so I make sure the fit of cotton or denim pieces makes me feel great so that I will get years of wear out of an item. As a rule I love linen as the environmental impact is low and the fabric only gets softer with each wear. Lastly, I do not buy into trends unless they are right for my body type and I know I will carry the pieces as part of my staple wardrobe for years to come. 

What is your everyday ritual and how do you create a sense of constancy? 

I am quite a spiritual person and I find my constancy in my faith. I try to begin each morning reading and journaling to create space as I hand over my worries, hopes and dreams. If Valla (my son) allows, I do a quick 15 min stretch to open my body or we will take a walk as a family to get the day flowing. 

James or I drop Valla at daycare around 8am and the team arrives in the office for an 8:30 start. I love to burn candles throughout the day and listen to music that helps carry the team through the day. 

Marloe burns the mini bobby candle in charcoal.

We love to end our day as a family at the beach if possible or by taking another walk with our dog and Valla. We try to live a quiet, slow and considered life creating constancy for Valla and enjoying our life together. 

What’s next for Marloe Marloe? 

We are really excited for the future of Marloe Marloe. We have just launched our new collection which focuses on what we have endured over the past couple of years and how under pressure we fracture, but it's through these cracks our light shines through. 

The next few months will see an exploration into new techniques and craftsmanship by our artisans, progression in sustainability and transparency and expansion into a new category - that's all I can say for the moment so stay tuned!

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