Beije is an idealisation of luxury wardrobe essentials for the modern woman; who chooses quality over quantity. Each release features a capsule of purposeful pieces, the building blocks for a minimal aesthetic. Consciously crafted by talented artisans in limited quantities; using sustainable and regenerated materials with the core focus of longevity in mind.

Organic Cotton

We choose to use GOTS certified organic cotton, which is made of natural fibres and is cultivated without the use of fertilisers and toxic pesticides. It is soft, breathable, biodegradable and better for your skin than regular cotton. 

In Conversation with Marloe Morgan

Prior to Marloe Marloe, I was working as a stylist and photography coordinator and was lacking creative fulfilment. In late 2012, this deep desire to create and experiment saw the beginnings of my experimentation with clay at my local potter’s association. It was love at first touch and after completing my first ceramics course, I enrolled in a second and began to build a body of work. 

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Customer Love

"I’m wearing your pieces today and WOW. I’ve already had three people stop me in the street about the pants. A huge congratulations on the quality." - Alison Larsen Rice