Cultivating Morning Ritual

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding moments of peace and grounding becomes increasingly vital. For me, the answer lies in cultivating a morning ritual. The purpose behind this practise is simple yet profound; it sets the tone for your day and creates a steady anchor amid life's ever changing currents. Regardless of how chaotic life may get, a morning ritual will keep you centered and nourish your nervous system. It serves as the cornerstone – paving the way for everything else to flow with ease and purpose. Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald from Land Essentials shares her journey with cultivating ritual, and how you can create yours.

What is your purpose for cultivating a morning ritual?

A morning ritual sets the tone for my day. Life gets busy but having the one constant in each day really tends to ground me. It feels good for my nervous system, and allows my days to flow, 

What does your morning ritual look like?

Every morning starts with a hot shower & cold blast, warm lemon water {using the LAND RISE RITUAL}, and a pour over coffee that I make at home. I take my coffee on a sunrise walk, and listen to a podcast. 

What are the benefits you have seen from cultivating this ritual?

So many! I feel more productive of my days, it allows me to focus, kick-starts my digestive system, improves my performance across the day {mentally & physically} and has improved my skin, hair and nails. The benefits are truly evident, if I ever skip the ritual routine in the morning I feel the difference later in my day. 

If you were to search morning rituals, almost every article notes lemon water. Can you share more on why lemon water is such an integral part to most daily rituals, and yours? 

Starting your day with lemon water is one of those life-changing discoveries, it feels good in the body. Having lemon water each day can improve your immune function, your digestive health, your skin, hair, and nail health, and it has antioxidant properties that assist in healthy ageing. Packed with vitamin C, it supports collagen production in the body. A warm or cold glass of lemon water is also an excellent way to level up your hydration first thing in the morning, supporting focus and productivity. 

What are your tips for others on the journey of finding their morning ritual? 

I love sharing my morning rituals and routines but know they aren’t for everyone. Start your day with something you love doing, and that feels good ~ for some that might be a green juice & the gym, or breathe work and a smoothie. If you’re new to rituals and routines ~ start with something small that you can fit in every morning {e.g. a cold blast after a hot shower!} and build from there. Set yourself up for daily success by aligning your rituals the night before, have your lemon {or LAND RISE RITUAL} ready to go on the bench, have your exercise class booked in, or organise to meet a friend for a walk. Make your mornings easy, and enjoy the process. 

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