How to care for your BEIJE

BEIJE is an idealisation of luxury wardrobe essentials for the modern woman; who chooses quality over quantity. As we focus on this ‘less is more’ concept, it’s important to know how to properly take care of your clothes and make them last longer. Follow these essential tips to ensure your garments last the long-haul and help you to become more sustainable when it comes to your wardrobe.



Constantly submitting fabrics to detergent and water can wear them out, so try hold off washing garments until they really need it. Use micellar water to spot-clean in between washes. It can be all too easy to throw pieces into the wash basket at the end of the day, but instead hang them up to air, preferably outside of the wardrobe, until putting them back to store the following morning.

Far too often, we don’t read the care labels before washing our clothes. Without the guidance of an accurate care label, it would not be known how to care for a particular garment which in the long run could ruin the fabric.

BEIJE recommends the following to ensure the longevity of pieces:

  • Unbutton your buttons to minimise wear on folds and prevent loosening of thread around the button.
  • Wash like colours together. Due to the organic nature of the fibres, they can be more susceptible to becoming stained if washed with colours that are not alike.
  • Turn them inside out to safe guard colours
  • Cold gentle hand wash – hot water can break down fibres and cause shrinkage.
  • Do not twist or wring the item as it may stretch the fibres and ruin the fabric.
  • Dry by air to reduce wear from tumbling around in a dryer. Here’s the thing – that lint you remove from your dryer is mostly pieces of your clothing. Lay flat in the shade to dry as sun exposure will cause fading over time.

BEIJE uses Tangent GC yuzu delicate detergent.

Organic and vegan. Cruelty and fossil free. Made in Sweden.


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More garments are bought and discarded than ever – 57% of these go to landfill. When your BEIJE pieces are showing signs of wear or no longer fit, we recommend repairing or altering rather than disposing. If you’d like advice on repairing and altering, send a photo to and we will be happy to provide suggestions.

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